Entrance requirements for a PhD at the 威尼斯注册送38 are either a Masters degree or a first or upper-second class Honours degree in an appropriate area from an approved university (或同等资格).

Those with lower qualifications may be asked to register for a Masters degree by research (Mlitt, MSc, m, LLM, MLE or MRes) with satisfactory progress allowing conversion to a PhD programme.


Admission to the 威尼斯注册送38 is entirely on merit 和 based on the ability to achieve. We operate an admissions policy which ensures equality of opportunity to all applicants. Applications are welcomed from students with excellent academic potential 和 the University recognises the importance of admitting applicants to a degree suited to their ability 和 aspirations. The selection process therefore takes account of all aspects of an application 和 not just an applicant's academic profile.

In seeking to attract applications from students with excellent academic potential, the 威尼斯注册送38 is committed to widening participation 和 to promoting wider access to Higher Education. There are no admissions quotas which advantage or disadvantage any group of applicants 和 the 威尼斯注册送38 is committed to treating all applicants within the admissions cycle fairly.

Every degree has an admissions selector, who considers all the applications for that area of study. Selectors are interested in an applicant's academic achievements but they will also take note of the spread of subjects studied 和 will check for competence in any specific subjects required for particular subjects. Selectors take an applicant's personal statement 和 the Referee's Report into account when they make their decision, 以及实际或预计的考试成绩. Selectors are looking for evidence of knowledge 和 underst和ing of a subject, 的承诺, 动机和责任, 以及应对大学教育挑战的能力.

Applications for admission to all degrees are considered without regard to any inappropriate distinction eg ethnicity or national origin, 国籍, 残疾, 性取向, 性别, 宗教或政治信仰, 婚姻状况或社会经济背景. Mature students (those who will be 21 or over at the time they start an undergraduate degree), 和 students who have suffered educational hardship or disruption (including students with disabilities), 可获特别考虑.

The 威尼斯注册送38 believes a diverse student population is important from an educational 和 social perspective; enhancing the educational experience for all.

The University's Guidance Notes for Admission provide further information for applicants who wish to submit an application.




Most applicants will already know what area they wish to specialise in. 最初的研究可以让你完善你的想法. If you are going to be self-funding your research degree as opposed to applying for a funded opportunity then you should identify potential sources of funding 和 find out if they are applicable to the area you are interested in.

步骤2 -考虑一个预先定义好的博士项目

你也可以申请预定义的博士学位. These are projects which the University has identified as strong research opportunities for high calibre applicants. 你可以在这里找到更多威尼斯新版APP下载这些博士的信息: www.abdn.ac.英国/研究/研究生/博士-机会- 205

步骤3 -联系潜在的主管

You can contact potential supervisors within your school or institute of interest to discuss research proposals. 申请预定义项目, you can choose to make contact with your identified supervisor before you apply to introduce yourself 和 ask any questions. 职员联络资料可在此查阅: http://login.buproxy.www.keekeespeaks.com/people/


一些学生, such as those who are not applying for a pre-defined or funded project, will likely need to write a research proposal as part of their application. 您可以在应用程序中了解更多有关这方面的信息.

步骤5 -提交在线申请

All applications should be made using our online application form. You will be sent an email informing you of whether you have a place on your chosen programme. If there are conditions attached to the offer please ensure these are completed 和 sent back as soon as possible.


如果你被录取并希望接受你的录取, please return your completed acceptance forms as soon as possible. If you are waiting to hear the outcome of a funding application you can still accept the offer of admission then send the relevant financial forms of sponsorship later. 了解如何接受你的工作.



研究学位的结构和评估可以有所不同. 学生可以注册全日制或非全日制学习, although for visa purposes international students can only study full time, 如果他们想在校园学习. Applications to undertake a PhD via distance learning are considered 和 potential applicants should refer to the relevant 研究领域的页面 查看他们希望学习的研究领域提供了什么.

The precise focus of research is agreed between the supervisor 和 the student, to suit the student’s particular interests 和 needs as much as possible. 第一年, students may be required to undertake some formal research training which is compulsory in some disciplines. Throughout the research period students will be encouraged to attend specialist seminars 和 conferences 和 keep staff 和 fellow students informed of their progress at seminars within the School or College.

Assessment for PhDs is on the basis of a thesis 和 oral examination.